Anuflo Industries Tanzania Limited

Company History

In 2015 Anuflo Industries Tanzania Limited was established by Flora Christandus Njelekela who is also the founder. Her initial aim was to have a local sausage production factory in Tanzania. The Company later evolved to manufacture and supply hygiene, sanitation and skin care products. This was due to seeing the gap in the market between demand and supply of hygiene and sanitation products. The Founder also believes that women and young girls face huge problems in terms of hygiene and sanitation.

AnuFlo industries introduced its first products in 2016. These were disposable toilet seat covers and blotting papers. The idea of toilet seat covers, was due to realization that a lot of people especially women and young girls experience a lot of discomfort while using public toilets. As for blotting paper, this was to help the people, especially women with excess oil on the face, like herself and also to help in keeping the make-up intact for a longer period of time.

We later introduced menstrual cups. In Tanzania 52% of young girls and women get their menstrual periods every month, yet only less than 30% have access to sanitary pads. Over 70% cannot afford sanitary pads. It was when the idea of affordable, reusable convenient and environmental friendly menstrual cups came up.

To further capacitate young girls and women better manage themselves during menstruation, we also introduced a mobile application called Hedhi (English; Menstruation) which helps people to track their periods and as well as getting menstrual education in local language, Kiswahili.

About Us

What we do

Anuflo sells affordable and environmental friendly hygiene, sanitation and skin care products. Also provides a free mobile application; HEDHI for people to track their periods and menstrual education in Kiswahili, to underserved girls and women in Tanzania.

Vision statement

To be the leading company in Tanzania and East Africa with solutions pertaining various hygienic, sanitation and skin problems facing the women and young girls. A well as investing on studies and researches that revolves around such problems so as to effectively solve them.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower and provide Quality, Affordable hygiene and sanitation products plus services to young women & girls In East Africa that will improve their quality of life. Within two years of its operation, Anuflo Industries managed to successfully acquire more than 120 Customers who are repeat users of our products. The company and its hard working team has done presentations of its products to over 15 Organizations that supports Hygiene & sanitation as well as family planning activities. In all these organizations, the feedback was positive with a good promise of business relationship with us.

Business goals & objectives

To be the biggest distributor and manufacturer of hygiene and sanitation products in Tanzania and in East African Countries.
To have a local factory in Tanzania which will provide high quality and affordable products in the same line.
Giving back to the community by creating job opportunities.

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